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Wart Froth Blunder (2021)
Save the bees Collage.jpg
Wanderer in a Mushroom Land
Gym Rat Gabber (2022)
crayon green final.jpg
mount doge copy.jpg
Jettisoning through the cosmic abyss fin
xray pg9-10.jpg
the puppet master.jpg
Big brained body building bug.jpg
psyechedlic travellers final.jpg
Neuronic Overload.jpg
Ecstasy Holes Squatter Party (2022)
Father and Sons (2021)
Monstrous Crustacean Carnival (2022)
Altered Bubble-Bath Behemoth (2021)
Polka-dot Amoeba Breeders Gather in the Deep Marine (2021)
visual jerk drive.jpg
gordy on a good day.jpg
mother and son final.jpg
dead end.jpg
worms collage.jpg
x ray pg 2+3.jpg
The Spiky Defence (2022)
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